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Tuesday December 6, 2022
Katy Watts


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  • Katy Watts thanks user 'tbloomer' in the forum message ' HELP! Hoof Separation, WLD?'.
    kunena.thankyou 3491 days ago
  • In many things I have found that finding a good practitioner is often more important than choosing a practice.
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'Weed deaths - comment Katy?' in the forum.
    Yes, a sad story, but one we can learn from. This long term drought, coupled with increases in fertilizer is making for thin, sparse stands of hay that are very encouraging to weed encroachment. The toxicology books describe the symptom of milkweed poisoning as 'sudden death'. I wonder sometimes that drama is so overplayed in today's society that warning people of REAL dangers is brushed off as just more drama. I have had a very difficult time convincing people that poisonous weeds are a real danger. They would rather believe that horses won't eat them, or already eat them with no problems. Until the accumulative effects pile up high enough that it becomes difficult to deny any longer. Unfortunately, permanent damage has often been done by then. We should all know what our horses are eating. Do this by sorting through hay, walking pastures and if you don't know what plants are there, then take them to someone who knows. Don't assume because your horse is not dead yet that what he is eating is harmless. Katy
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'Help w/ Diagnosis. (Rads)' in the forum.
    Quote: The easiest way to accomplish it is to use a third party and have the owner request the veterinarian to send the radiographs to a specialist for review. This sure worked for me. When I said I needed a copy to send to Dr. George Platt, the vet here proceeded to make 6 or 8 views to get a better one. No extra charge. Another time I told a vet I came there specifically to get digital radiographs so I could get an opinion from Dr. Pollitt. The vet tech laughed and said 'but no pressure, right?" The vet took more care with those, too. If any professioal person has an ego too sensitive to allow clients to get a second opinion, I'll keep looking. Katy
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'Hope for Drug Free Racing' in the forum.
    If they'd ban racing 2 YO's, I watch again. Far too many break down because they are immature, regardless of drugs. Racing babies is the more important issue for me.
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'so is it working now?' in the forum.
    I still can't get in with Google Chrome, even after clearing cookies. IE still works.
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  • Katy Watts created a new topic ' Beware Texas Grazers' in the forum.
    Beware Texas Grazers I‘ve been driving around the country side around Austin looking for a retirement place. The pastures all have new growth from the recent rains, however in poorly managed pastures, all I see are weeds. Many are toxic. It’s amazing to see a beautiful, productive Bermuda grass pasture full of fat breeding cattle, right across a fence from a pasture with a few horses or skinny cows, hardly any grass and a LOT of weeds. Like 200 acre patches of solid broom weed! Pretty driving by, but not edible. I was so shocked; I stopped at a feed/fertilizer store and had a nice chat with a local expert. I wanted to know the reason why some land owners are so negligent. Was it lack of good advice? He said its cost. They can get free advice from TX A & M extension, and he gives free advice. But they just can’t justify the expense of herbicide or fertilizer. Then a customer came and bought a 65 lb bale of alfalfa for $16.50 !$#*!!%$$!! Here’s some free advice from a pasture management expert: with current hay prices you cannot afford NOT to manage your pasture. And if your horses die of liver damage caused by photosensitivity from toxic weeds, you better factor in replacement cost of your horses. The pretty white flowers are Rain lilies, and they are toxic, too. Agriculture is not highly regulated in TX, so you can buy some cheap, persistent, strong herbicides like Grazon that are hard to buy elsewhere. For your horses sake, go walk your pasture, pull up a sample of any plants you don’t recognize and find out if they are toxic. And know that $60/acre worth of nitrogen might get you an extra 2 ton of grass hay per acre if you get a few more good rains. Put a pencil to that and tell me you can’t afford to do it. Oh, and the Johnson grass is in the sorghum family, gets real high in sugar during heat/drought and surely must be the cause of a lot of laminitis down here. I also saw some 200 acre patches of that. That’s what’ll happen if pasture is neglected long enough. Unless the broom weeds chokes out the Johnson grass. Katy
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'the farrier forum site' in the forum.
    I just did it easy. Didn't even have to lose my cookies. Good work.
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'New in Final Development stages' in the forum.
    May the force be with you.
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic 'what is the objective here??' in the forum.
    A tip for those having troubles. Using Google Chrome, I have lots of troubles. I am using EI just for this site while Steve works through the cookie problem. Everything seems to work fine, and I don't have to lose my cookies. Today I could view everything in Chrome(which is a big improvement), but not log on. will stay old fashioned and simple. If it breaks I can't afford to get it fixed. Thanks, Steve for hanging in there. Katy
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  • Katy Watts created a new topic ' You saved me!' in the forum.
    I couldn't find the reply button with the last site redo, hence a new post, but this is about the same horse as 'coronary jamming'. Update: You guys saved me. This old guy has laminitis now. NO the feet are not trimmed too short. I just looked at the weather data from next door. This old guy came here Aug. 1 - just at the start of the seasonal rise for ACTH that exacerbates Cushing’s/PPID. It has also been cloudy a lot this last month, with solar radiation levels around 400 Langley’s, with nights around 50F. The last 3 days, the solar radiation has jumped into the 600’s and the nights are 45F. So the grass sugars are rising which explains it for me, but EVERYONE will blame this poor sap with a pair of nippers and no rasp. I would understand COMPLETELY why any hoof care provider would/should refuse to work on horses with untreated metabolic disease. Now just keeping my fingers crossed that the owner will return my call, and has not gone away for a long weekend and left me with nothing to feed him properly. With deep appreciation, Katy
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic Re: Coronary jamming in the forum.
    OK. You're right. Folks here resent me getting involved. I used to think its all about the horses, but unfortunately dealing with the owners is just too much. I'll try not to look at these ugly feet anymore.

    I don't have horses anymore, and having retirees here is too stressful on me. Even folks considered a 'good horse owner' locally all figure that when horses are retired, they no longer need routine maintenance. I'm taking down the fences when these two leave.
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  • Katy Watts replied to the topic Re: Coronary jamming in the forum.
    Thanks Jack.
    He won't be getting shoes, and now that someone else will be trimming him, it won't be noticed if I go in afterwards and clean it up a bit. I didn't want to get blamed for trimming him wrong if he got sore from the grass. Tom B gave me some good tools and I picked up enough to do OK, as per the professionals who critiqued my first trim. If someone with strong hands whacks off 2.5 inches inches of wall, I can clean it up with a rasp.
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  • Katy Watts created a new topic Coronary jamming in the forum.
    I have recently had the opportunity to see some badly neglected REALLY long feet that broke off and created distorted coronary band. (this is last time I ever board horses) What tissues are involved here? Just the coronary band or are there any internal structures affected? How quickly will this resolve once the feet are balanced again? Is there any possibility of permanent damage to internal structures?
    Lady got cross the second time I suggested I help her trim some off, and last night she hauled him to her B in Law, who also has tools. So I'll get to see how it resolves. That is, if he is capable of correctly balancing badly distorted feet.
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  • kunena.thankyou 3762 days ago
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