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Saturday December 3, 2022
Lori McBride


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Lori McBride

Ok, so I am slowing figuring this out. Put up a couple of pics from the other day. Later I will try and put them in the everyday shoeing thread. :-)

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  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Size matters? in the forum.
    I get asked a similar version of this question every-time I pick up a new customer. LOL

    People will start to get a panicked look in their eye, (almost always they assume I will be at least 250lbs) and I will either be asked how long I have been shoeing or how I can do this job being so little. (5'4" 125ish lbs)

    Not too long ago, I showed up to a new customers house, full set and a trim. I step out of the rig and I could see the panic on his face. He at this point is sure I don't have a clue what I'm doing, being too young (in his eye) and too little. He then starts to walk me step by step through how to shoe his horse. I smile, let him talk as I work, and at one point I do have to tell him that I have done this once or twice before.
    Later on he again starts to panic, as he had already told me he wanted clips and he can't see any clipped shoes in my truck. Later, after I have drawn the clips and nailed up the shoes, he is pleased and cant stop telling me a great job I did. Of course then he shares with me that he had been pretty worried, I think he thought he hid it well. lol
    End of the story, he is a very good customer and we still laugh about the first time to this day.

    It is interesting, as I think about the farriers that I know in my area, the majority of them are on the smaller side. I always thought that the only time it would be really handy to be 200 lbs or so is when I am standing on the hoof stand and Fluffy keeps moving it around even with me standing on it.
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  • SEPTEMBER 21-22 2012

    Blue Lakes Farm
    14095 Auburn Rd, Newbury, Ohio 44065-9703

    All the details can be found here:

    See ya there!!!
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  • Lori McBride created a new topic Don't know where to post this..... in the forum.
    real conversation I had on FB. All I could do was laugh.

    Rachael K: Hey, so about prices? How much do your services cost?

    McBride Horseshoeing: (I tell her what I charge)

    Rachael K:Ok. Sorry to ask but can your prices go any lower? [:/] lol and where are you in Ohio?I just don't think I could afford 100$ right now.

    McBride Horseshoeing: No the prices aren't really negotiable. I live in Louisville OH.

    Rachael K: Ok, never mind then. I know you get what you pay for but that's only to some extent. Sorry.

    McBride Horseshoeing: If you don't mind me asking, who is your current farrier?

    Rachael K:

    Don't have one right now. I just bought my horse last year and I've been looking for one that's 'cheap' lol. Used to have one by the name of 'bronco'

    The last response was my favorite.
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  • kunena.thankyou 3844 days ago
  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Farrier friend retiring,...... in the forum.
    $75 a trim? Yeah, maybe if I started shoeing in a bikini. LOL
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  • Lori McBride created a new topic 4H summer camp demo in the forum.
    Hello all,
    I have been asked to do a demo for a local 4-H summer camp in a few weeks. Basically it's 7-8 groups of kids, and for each group you give them a 45 min demo. Normally me and a friend do it together, however this year I am on my own. I am usually in the background not doing alot of talking, but this year we had planned some hot shoeing and of course we always go over safely, how to pull a shoe etc.... I thought maybe some of you had some tips or things that you like to share with folks at this type of thing. I want them to have a good time and stay interested, but learn something as well. I will welcome any ideas you all may have. Thanks in advance!!!
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  • kunena.thankyou 3846 days ago
  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Lost a customer today...... in the forum.
    So she called today. I am not gonna lie, made me feel good.

    Unfortunately the horse is not doing good. She was very contrite and even seemed a little nervous. I took her back on, gladly. (With a price increase of course) I am just hoping it's not too big a mess.
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  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Owen Charles in the forum.
    So I haven't been on here that much lately. Completely missed the whole FF thing. SOOOO excited. Eric GREAT site!! Or whoever is doing it. Now I have two places to spend time I don't have. LOL But seriously, I have missed the old format.
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  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Could clinch gouging cause lost shoes? in the forum.
    I do use nails. Clinches have nothing to do with holding a shoe on.

    HAHAHA, I was TOTALLY waiting for someone to say that.

    But seriously, I have heard this statement made before. So IF the clinches play no part in holding the shoe, and this is a legit question; (p.s. love what Christos said) then WHY do we do it?

    Eric, do you nip the nail off and then rasp it flush? Because that would save me time and effort. Plus it would look awesome, just sayin.
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  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Farrier friend retiring,...... in the forum.
    LOL Yeah, thanks everybody! Price increase was already in the works. Have gotten quite a few calls and folks are surprised at what an average farrier charges. Anyhow, not a real problem, I was kinda in shock and needed to blow of a little steam before I said something ******; like asking one of these folks (who are in total shock) if I should pay them to shoe their horse. LOL
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  • Lori McBride created a new topic Farrier friend retiring,...... in the forum.
    So a friend of mine has recently decided to retire. He had two heart attacks and has decided that he is done. This is very sudden. He is well loved in my area with a good many customers. I have already been getting messages and phone calls. HOWEVER, I had no idea how much he was charging. Less than half of what I charge and with the few exceptions, I am at the lower end for our area. I mean, I have done the math and he had to be losing money. I am talking $10-$20 a trim, I had one guy call and wanted a full set WITH borium for $65. Now I am trying to figure out how to tell his customers what I charge without them A) thinking that I am ripping them off and B)keeping them from passing out from "sticker shock". Any thoughts.
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  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Everyday Shoeing in the forum.
    Looks good Seth. I would have done the same as Rick. Keratex putty is great, even if it falls out after a bit, it still seems to do some good, and the horse-owners don't look quite so terrified. LOL
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  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 3859 days ago
  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Everyday Shoeing in the forum.
    Thanks guys!!

    Hi Gary, I see what you are saying. This is a long footed Fresian/Arab cross. 3yo stud, first set of "show shoes". This was not a true toe weighted shoe package, just a heavy keg shoe with heavy pad (I call it a starter package ). I like to go the "less is more" route, so we left him at 4 1/4. See how he goes. How do you like to set up the long footed guys?

    Have to say, that almost EVERY time I think the foot looks good in person, I snap a photo, look at it back home on the computer, and am always way less satisfied!! Nothing like digital to show every flaw!! lol

    Have great day!!
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  • Lori McBride thanks for the post Re: "plastic" shoes
    kunena.thankyou 3897 days ago
  • Lori McBride replied to the topic Re: Everyday Shoeing...6 weeks later in the forum.
    Hi Rick.

    Pads are for pedal osteitis, per vet. Long in the tooth lesson horse.

    With the set back, the shoe wear is better, and the BO is where he seems the happiest. However, I welcome any thoughts you may have, if you think I could improve.
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