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Saturday November 26, 2022

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  • George Geist thanks user 'George Geist' in the forum message ' Re: is there anything useful for a farrier to learn from barefooters?'.
    kunena.thankyou 2294 days ago
  • In response to your question-no.
    They have nothing worthwhile to contribute to anything being barely able to do the work of a first week apprentice.
    Sorry folks, I'm not impressed.

    I will grant them one thing they have done that's been a positive is they've gotten owners to tighten up on the scheduling a little bit.
    Ideally horses should get hoof care about once a month. We really stretch it to the breaking point at 6 weeks. If we tried to do them on a more timely schedule we'd be run out of town on a rail accused of robbing people.

    Trimmers incorporated shorter intervals into their extensive line of bull****** and it worked. That's about the only noteworthy accomplishment of ant of them though.
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  • reddskyntx replied to the topic 'Negative Palmar Angle; close behind, hitting' in the forum.
    I appreciate your opinion but simply looking for solutions, not judgement. :)
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  • chris bunting replied to the topic 'Negative Palmar Angle; close behind, hitting' in the forum.
    how can it be an expensive show horse with those problems at only 4 year old , and you bought it knowingly ? dont make much sense to me this post
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  • reddskyntx replied to the topic 'Negative Palmar Angle; close behind, hitting' in the forum.

    Thank you.
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  • reddskyntx created a new topic ' Negative Palmar Angle; close behind, hitting' in the forum.

    I am owner of a 4yo 17.1h hunt seater (flat only AQHA). Just purchased and he has a negative Palmar angle on one front (causing some ring bone up at ankle, one side) and on rads is 'buckled over' at ankle although this has improved since Nov. '15 with new farrier. He is also close behind and is hitting himself.

    He is being hauled now to a DVM and his farrier, but has only been there once as of today. This farrier is placing a wedge on the Neg. Palmar but was unable to address the hind end today due to time constraints...has to do with cluster on appt booking. Horse will be returning in 4 wks. and in the mean time, he will be wrapped behind to avoid further damage.

    He is currently in aluminum up front and steel behind. Would love to hear suggestions. I also have rads from Mar. '16. He is sound although can come out a little ouchy up front and then works out of it. He is on Adequan, Estrone (kept on it for stifles/growthy). He will be Magna Waved including foot paddle routinely. Injections from this point forward will be Irap. Apparently, had coffin joints injections prior to me owning. I am not sure exactly why, but thinking he may have had inflammation due to Neg. Palmar and was being shown extensively.

    I would love to hear suggestions, opinion etc. This is an expensive show horse and I want to do the best for him.
    Here is link to rads:

    Thank you!
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  • chris bunting wrote:

    Mitch has forgotten than you will ever learn

    Is that a bad thing or a good thing.

    I was just re-reading Doug Butlers PIII on page 43 I think it was it talks about dressing the flares off a hoof to make it look right. We now know that dressing the flares is one of the key causes of flares.

    Page 196 talks about horse behaviour but it is very out of date.

    Page 607 gives the growth rate of horse hooves as 0.405mm per day for foals and 0.24mm per day approx for an adult horse. Dr. Hampson work shows a growth rate of 1.5mm per day of new hoof. This is similar to Ivy Ramey's carriage horses.

    That book has a lot of things that should be forgotten :-)

    I am not saying Mitch is bad at what he does, just that the world is moving fast into new science.
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  • mooreequine created a new topic ' Shoeing Trailer For Sale' in the forum.
    I apologize if this is not the right place to post this, but we have a shoeing trailer for sale:

    2015 Bay Horse Innovation 60”x96” custom made podiatry trailer. Stainless steel skin. Split side doors, electric locks, Full access V-nose, peg shoe racks. Includes drill press, bandsaw, grinder, forge, and Future 3 anvil.Located near Austin, TX. $14,000 or best offer. 512-508-8141, leave a message for Nick.

    Thank you!
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  • Mitch has forgotten than you will ever learn
    Read More... 2415 days ago
  • Just got to watch Mitch Taylors little video you put in your post.

    There are a few things he says that are useful, like the fact that the majority of the trade has not kept up their skills.

    He talked about horseshoeing competitions being the best way to improve horse shoeing, this is wrong as the ideas of what is a good shoeing job is too much about looks not about the real hoof under that shoe.

    Mitch runs a school down in Kentucky but the work done there appears to be the same old farrier work at most schools and competitions. There should be more inovation and learning.

    I think Mitch needs to get out and try some of the new things out there and learn what works and what doesn't
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  • Dr. Myers is right that the regulation of the industry will not stop price lowering. In my areas young farriers who are qualified are out there shoeing at half the price a man who has a house and family can afford. He can do this because there is no care and all speed.

    The biggest thing a farrier can learn from barefootin is that the trim is more important than the shoe. A local farrier has been shoeing show jumpers and they are not lame but performance is not good. I put the same mans shoes back on one horse with a better trim and the horse is going fantastic.

    The problem with the hoof care industry is there is no science behind the shoeing of a horse. This means you can only learn what someone before you thinks is right.

    This means there can be no meaningful regulation until the industry can define the standard.

    Dr. Myers mentioned a quality of a good farrier is too keep shoes on, this is wrong I see more damage done by try to force a shoe to stay on compared to trimming the horse correctly to reduce the chances of a shoe coming off.

    I hate coming to horses where the client says oh my farrier can keep the shoes on 8 weeks. This is really bad for the horse both in body issues and bad for the hoof capsule.

    Pete Ramey and Mr. Yark have come from the non scientific side of horseshoeing and have run with very limited research of just the hoof and not the rest of the horse.

    The two main problem researchers are Michael Savaldi and Bob Bowker, both have taken the hoof care world down the wrong path.
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  • cowboybkr replied to the topic 'RE:horseshoe bender and pocket anvil' in the forum.
    How does this thing work with clipped shoes, mainly side clips? Do they get in the way?
    Read More... 2489 days ago
  • I've found out here that the population in general will go barefoot when the horse isn't being used/the wall isn't being worn down too quickly, and will shoe whenever this is not the case.

    That being said we have cold winters and the risks of wearing shoes on ice, and the risk of the damage to other horses from borium inserts, isn't worth it.

    That being said most out here are fairly practical, if the horse will benefit from shoes they shoe the horse.
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  • SharaNihan created a new topic ' Hooves growing white stripes.' in the forum.
    Hi all- horse in question is an 11yo QH/Perch/TB cross. Buckskin, four black legs except for a wee bit of white on the coronary band of one hind.

    Has been eating a low NSC hay with ration balancer. Diet meets all the minimums of vitamin/minerals, despite being low in Cu and Zn. Hay is also high in Fe, so to cover all bases he's being put on a supplement next week that balances the Fe:Cu:Zn to a 4:1:3 ratio.

    When he was about seven he grew a few white stripes on his previously all black hooves. I chalked it up to coronary band injury as he had a few knocks jumping, but was surprised to see them as he had not been lame or had any swelling.

    Since then he's continued to grow white stripes, each stripe might come and go, but overall he's looking like he has appaloosa hooves now.

    His coat has remained the same.

    Any ideas what might be going on? I'm hoping it's normal and that I'm just ignorant due to never having seen such a thing.
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  • LuckyRunner created a new topic ' Opinions on a shoe for a race QH on turf' in the forum.
    Just need help deciding on a shoe for a qh running a stock race over 1/3 mile on turf(grass). He's one that lacks some reach in the hind.
    Read More... 2651 days ago

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