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One of the five basic hoof shapes listed in the eagle eye approach suggested by Scott Simpson, CJF. The Tag pattern is most common in hind feet. It is somewhat pointed at the toe, straight through the quarters, and turns sharply at the heels. The Tag hoof is widest across its rear third.
The hock joint.
Average 100° F (38° C), (99.1° to 100.8° F. range, influenced by age).
See: Bowed Tendon.
[from theLatin tendo, to stretch]: Strong fibrous tissue which connects muscle to bone. Tendons function primarily to facilitate movement. Tendons slide within lubricated sheaths, are inelastic, and are subject to sprains and ruptures.
See: Bowed Tendon.
See: Bowed Tendon.
Surgical severing of a tendon.
Describes hoof shoeing or trimming done in an attempt to relieve lameness or unsoundness. a.k.a: Pathological shoeing.
A fore limb.
Soft swelling of the tendon sheath of the DDF just above the point of the hock. This swelling is often visible on both sides of the limb. Thoroughpin rarely results in lameness, but does indicate weakness in the hock, excessive stress, trauma , or a combination of these. a.k.a: Through-pin.
See: Thoroughpin.
Infection of the tissues of the frog by micro-organisms. This is seen as a foul smelling black crud or discharge in the commissures and frog. Advanced cases may invade sensitive tissues and cause lameness. a.k.a: Frush (archaic).
A horse "tied in at the knees" has a cannon bone that while vertical is slightly towards the front of the knee and not directly below the upper leg.
See: Hoof Angle.
The measurement from the junction of the coronary band and hoof wall, to the ground surface at the most anterior aspect of the hoof's dorsal surface.
The horse's digit appears to be twisted inward. This conformation fault usually causes the afflicted limb to wing-out. Horses who are toed in on both fore feet are called pigeon-toed.
The horse's digit appears to be twisted outward. This conformation fault usually causes the afflicted limb to wing-in. Toed out horses may be prone to brushing.
A form of toe calk used on racing horseshoes. Toe grabs are curved with the toe of the shoe, and usually sharper than typical toe calks.
A mallet-driven blade used to trim the hoof wall. Toeing knives were listed as standard equipment for U.S. Cavalry shoers until after the War Between The States. Hoof nippers have replaced the toeing knife in common use among farriers in the U.S. today.
An extra long heel on a horseshoe which is usually turned 45° away from the center line of the hoof and the line of flight.
A very lightweight, usually steel horseshoe used on race horses between races. Training plates are also used on some young riding and show horses. Most training plates are swedged.
A transversal plane separates the front from the back. See also: Sagittal.
Injury caused by sudden shock or impact.
A horse "traveling short" has less than normal forward extension or reach of the limbs when moving.
Brand of forged anvils from 1898 until 1952.
Describes the lack of medial or lateral deviation from the line of travel seen in a horse's limbs.
The hoof wall is no longer parallel to the P III at the toe, P III is not in alignment with the pastern, and the sole is compromised by the tip of the P III. This only happens in foundered horses.
Any of several devices used to apply pressure to a horse's upper lip. This is used as a form of acupressure or distraction to calm and immobilize the animal. The use of a twitch produces widely varying results on individual horses. These range from semiconsciousness to rage. Twitches are sometimes applied to the horse's ear.
An expression describing the fact that the dorsal hoof wall is parallel to the dorsal aspect of the PIII from the coronary band down to an inch or so below, or about the width of two fingers. This allows a fairly accurate estimate of the position of the PIII within the hoof, no matter how distorted the lower wall may be.

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