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A vertical indention in the hoof wall parallel to the horn tubules, resulting from a defect or injury to the coronary band.
See: Retained Sole.
Right side.
(1.)While there are no legal restrictions on the use of this title in the U.S.A., it properly describes only a professional equine hoofcare expert and shoer of horses. (2.) In the past, farriers were charged with the full range of horse care.
A brand of horseshoes that became available in 1994. Noted for being a good quality shoe at a very low price.
Average 40 pounds per day, brown to dark green well-formed ******. Defecates 8 to 9 times a day.
See: F.W.C.F.
Animals of domestic ancestry who have reverted to the wild state. American mustangs are feral, rather than truly wild.
Contains the cannon bone, long pastern bone and the two sesamoid bones.
See: Hoof Rings.
Immature female horse, (under 3 or 4 years of age).
A nail hole in a horseshoe which is located relatively close to the outer edge of the web. Heel nails are often punched fine. See also: Coarse punched.
Long handled tool used to hold metal, such as bar stock for horse shoes, in the forge fire. Also used to manipulate hot horseshoes or metal in the fire.
See: Mark Fisher.
An outward distortion which may occur on any portion of the hoof wall. If left untreated, they can alter functional toe angle, mediolateral balance, and hoof symmetry.
To fold or decrease the angle of the bones of a joint.
The movement of a horse's leg backward due to the use of flexor tendon.
Excessive tension on either the DDF or SDF. Can result from heredity, malnutrition, injury, or a combination of these. Can be treated with managed exercise, diet, farriery, and surgery. a.k.a: Contracted tendon.
An extremely overgrown, toe-flared hoof. Can result from founder or neglect. In severe cases, the horse may stand on the back of his pastern, allowing the solar aspect of the hoof to be seen from in front of the animal. Aka: Elves shoe.
When the farrier rasps the heels (or one heel when warranted) in such a manner so that the heel(s) do not come in contact with the shoe when the shoe has been nailed on. When viewed from the side, the heel(s) seem to be "floating" in mid-air.
A very young horse of either sex. A pregnant mare is said to be "in foal". The birth process of horses is referred to as "foaling".
The hoof and all the structures contained within it. (NOTE: The terms hoof and foot are often used interchangeably.)
A tool used to make nail holes, in the process of forging hand made shoes.
(1.) A furnace used to heat metal. (2.) The workshop of a farrier or blacksmith. (3.) To make something out of metal.
A device used to heat horseshoes and other metal stock. Some form of bellows or blower is used to force air into a burning pile of coal (sometimes charcoal), producing heat sufficient to incinerate steel. Coal fire is hotter and welds more easily than gas, but extra skill and effort are needed to build and maintain it.
A device used to heat horseshoes and other metal stock. Gas forges usually burn propane (sometimes natural) gas within an insulated steel or cast iron housing. Gas forges tend to be easier to set up and use than coal forges. Gas forges come in blower and atmospheric varieties.
A fault in gait which results in the toe of a hind hoof striking the solar surface of its lateral fore hoof. Similar, but not identical, to overreaching.
[Latin for ditch, plural fossae]: A pit, indention, or cannel in a bone.
[Old French afondrer, to founder or sink. From the Latin fundus, bottom.]: The mechanical result of laminitis. The tip of the PIII sinks downward towards the sole near the toe. Sole bruising, abscesses, and hoof distortion commonly occur.
Founder rings are horizontal ridges in the hoof wall that instead of running parallel to the coronet (as grass rings do) are farther apart from the coronet at the heels than the toe.
The standing position often assumed by horses during acute laminitis. The hind feet will be placed far forward of their usual position, and will bear an inordinate amount of weight. The fore hooves will be placed out in front of the animal, and may bear weight only at the heels.
(1.) Chapman: Features the support of the PIII via carefully applied frog pressure. Supporting the PIII in this way prevents further sinking of the bone and restores the circulation of blood which was compromised by the founder. This is often accomplished with a heart-bar shoe. Popularized by Burney Chapman, CJF. (2.) Classic or traditional: Features lowering the heels in foundered hooves and dressing back the toes as far as reasonably possible. Lowering the heels aids the horse in his natural reaction, which is to shift weight bearing away from the damaged toes and onto the heels. It also causes the frog to bear weight, which provides some mechanical support for the PIII. Dressing back the toe eases breakover and reduces the peeling stress which could damage surviving laminae. (3.) Redden: Features raising the heels of foundered hooves to reduce the tension of the DDF on the PIII. The pull of the DDF is considered to be a major cause of the downward rotation of the PIII. Popularized by R.F. Redden DVM.
A hoof trimming technique in which the heels are trimmed back to the widest point of the frog, then the toe is beveled in a manner akin to what would be done in preparation for a rockered toe horseshoe. The quarters are then rasped until they would no longer bear weight on a firm surface. This leaves only four full-loading points on the hoof wall; one at each side of the toe, and one at each heel. This method is based on observations of the hooves of feral horses, and its advocates claim that it results in the development of stronger hoof structure.
See: Horny Frog and Sensitive Frog.
A special horseshoe nail designed to provide temporary hard surface traction. Made by Mustad, Inc.
See: Thrush.
(1.) In farriery: to cut a groove into the ground side of barstock before it is turned. This may be done to provide traction for the shoe and a seat for the nail heads. Fullering allows crease nail pullers to be used to remove nails one at the time. (2.) In blacksmithing: to spread metal by forcing a wedge or semicircular edged tool into it. (3.) Wrongly used as a synonym for creasing. (4.) As used in AFA Certification and competition: A two phase process in which the stock must be worked prior to the groove being cut so that the web is the same width before and after fullering.
Strong cord-like fibrous materials that bind and hold the bone in place.
A 220 yard (1/8 mile) unit of distance often used for horse race measurement.
Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers. The highest recognition awarded by the W.C.F. A farrier must have achieved the A.W.C.F. at least one year prior to attempting the F.W.C.F. The candidate must submit a 2000-3000 word illustrated thesis 21 days before the examination. At the examination the candidate must make and apply a fullered therapeutic horseshoe to exact specifications and submit several handmade horseshoes for inspection. The oral portion of the exam involves an in-depth defense of the written thesis.

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