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A horse's mother.
aka: Deep flexor tendon, DFT, DDFT, originates at the deep flexor muscle of the leg, and inserts (attaches to) at the semilunar crest of the coffin bone after passing over the fulcrum points formed by the proximal and distal (navicular) sesamoid bones. It flexes (folds) the leg when the deep flexor muscle contracts.
Internal, close to the center of gravity.
A hoof pad that is thick at the rear of the hoof and tapers to the toe.Used to elevate the heels.
The sensitive connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis, containing nerve endings, sweat and sebaceous glands, and blood and lymph vessels. The sensitive laminae of the hoof are dermal. a.k.a: Corium.
The act of realigning the P-III's basal surface with the ground by the use of radiographs and by trimming of the correct amount of heel.
The surgical cutting of a ligament.
Each diagonal pair of limbs (off fore/near hind, near fore/off hind) move more or less together. A natural trot is a good example of a diagonal gait.
Brand of horseshoes and farrier tools since 1908.
The shaft of a long bone.
digit [from the Latin digitus, a finger]: The equine limb distal to the fetlock.
See: Plantar cushion.
See: DMSO.
Imaginary points located in the coronary band, on top of the pillars.
See: D.W.C.F.
A breaking away at the quarter in the horny wall; also, can be an indention found anywhere on the hoof.
When referring to limbs, distal means away from the torso, or comparatively farther from the torso or center of gravity. Opposite of proximal.
A measurer, the same as a math compass.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide. A solvent and penetrant so effective that it can be tasted in the mouth shortly after it is applied to the skin. DMSO is often used as an anti-inflammatory, free-radical scavenger, or mixed with antiseptic to treat localized infection.
[from Latin the dorsum, the back]: (1.) The front surface of the equine hoof and leg. (2.) When referring to the entire animal, dorsal means the spine or center-line of the back.
A hammer used for driving horseshoe nails.
The sole of a hoof which has become convex rather than concave. As the sole protrudes below the solar plane of the hoof wall, it bears excessive weight and is subject to bruising. Foundered horses often have dropped soles.
(1.) A hoof which has had the dorsal surface of its toe ground off. This may be the result of excessive rasping after a horseshoe was poorly fit, or of high lameness which may cause the horse to drag his hoof. (2.) The intentional dressing back of the toe done to treat founder or a toe flare. a.k.a: Dumped toe.
Named for Dave Duckett, this is an imaginary point located approximately 3/8" back from the apex of the horny frog, used for determining the normal position of the wall at the toe. It provides an accurate indication of how long a "long toe" on a long-toed, low-heeled horse really is.
See: Dubbed Toe.
Diploma of the Worshipful Company of Farriers. The minimum requirement for being registered to practice farriery in England. The D.W.C.F. exam includes a written test with five essay questions which must be answered in full and with color illustractions, live shoeing with handmade fullered horseshoes, a test of forging skills, and an oral questioning period of at least 15 minutes.

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