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Away from the central axis of a structure.
A localized infection of the sensitive tissues within the hoof. Abscesses often cause lameness which usually subsides when they are drained. If not drained intentionally, abscesses often rupture at the coronary band or the bulbs of the heels. a.k.a.: Gravel; ****** Pocket.
A blowtorch which burns a combination of compressed acetylene gas and oxygen. Used for welding, brazing, and cutting metals.
Any of numerous thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers or copolymers of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, esters of these acids, or acrylonitrile, used in horseshoeing to fill gaps or cracks in the hoof wall.
Coming about suddenly and severely, but persisting briefly. See also: Chronic.
Sticking together. The abnormal joining of living tissues.
American Farriers Association. U.S. based organization of farriers founded in 1971. Address: 4059 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY 40511
Associate of the Farriers Company of London. Previous title for farriers at the level now designated A.W.C.F.
Determined by registraction papers, breeders certificate, the eruption and ear of the teeth, the feel of the ribs, jaw or tail. One horse year is said to be equal 5 to 7 human years.
A non-magnetic, conductive, metallic element. Atomic number 13, atomic weight 26.981526; melting point 660.2*C; boiling point 2,467*C; specific gravity 2.69; valence 3. It is very abundant in impure form in the Earth's crust. Refined aluminum is very lightweight, workable, and easily recycled.
See AFA.
Conformational growth problems where bones that are supposed to be in line instead form shallow angles when viewed from front or back.
[from the Greek angkylos, crooked]: Fusing of a joint.
Ligaments which form sheet-like bands to hold tendons in place.
On or towards the front. See also: Posterior.
Inhibits microbiotic growth.
[Anglo-Saxon anfilt; from an, on, and fealdan, to fold]: (1.) A block of steel against which metals are hammered. The London pattern anvil, which began it's evolution in the 13th century, has been the trademark of farriers and blacksmiths for three centuries. Shop anvils commonly weighed hundreds of pounds, with the largest known being 1400 pounds. Modern farrier anvils often have special features and usually weigh between 50 and 150 pounds. (2.) In human anatomy, the middle bone {incus} in the ear. Anvil shooting: (1.) A recreational practice in which an explosive charge is placed between two anvils and ignited, launching the top anvil as much as 100 feet into the air. a.k.a: Blowing the anvil (2.) Hammering a white-hot piece of iron against a wet anvil. This produces a pistol-shot like sound.
[from Latin apprendo, to seize or apprehend]: Traditionally, an individual whose primary reward for labor is the opportunity to learn a trade. The apprentice is usually bound to an established craftsman for a specified period of time and paid a modest salary. An apprentice cannot accept payment for his work directly from customers. Farrier apprenticeships traditionally run from 3 to 5 years in length.
A garment worn over the front part of the legs to protect the legs from fire or piercing horseshoe nails. Usually made of leather or ballistic nylon.
A device which uses high-voltage electrodes to generate intense, concentrated heat. Used to weld and cut metal.
Brand of forged anvils from 1900 until 1950.
The thick-walled vessels which carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the tissues.
See: A.V.A.
The range of movement of a skeletal joint.
The gristle covering the surface of the bones at the joints.
See A.F.C.L..
A propane forge that requires no blower. Perfected by Donald Jones of NC Tool in 1982. This was the first gas forge in which good welds could consistently be made.
[from the Greek atrophia, not to nourish]: Shrinking or degeneration of tissues. Usually results from disuse or disease.
Arteriovenous anastomoses. Special blood vessels which act as bypass valves, diverting blood away from the tiny capillaries which nourish the laminae. Opening the A.V.A.s reduces blood flow resistance, thereby increasing the flow rate. This is thought to be a mechanism for preventing frostbite in equine hooves.
Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers. A recognition of advanced skill and knowledge awarded by the W.C.F.. Applicants must have achieved the D.W.C.F. at least two years prior. The two day A.W.C.F. examination includes three essay questions, to be answered fully and with color illustractions, live remedial shoeing, advanced shoe forging, and a 30 minute oral questioning period.
The central line of the body or any of its parts, on or close to the line about which the structure would rotate.

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